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Body Geometry Fit at Dales Cycles


Ride faster, longer and in greater comfort

BG Fit at Dales Cycles

Body Geometry Fit at Dales Cycles Glasgow

One of our Body Geometry Fit specialists (Jonathan, Simon or John) will talk with you about your riding experience and goals. They will ask about any bike or equipment issues that you may have and carry out a flexibility, strength and range of motion test.

During the assessment, your fitter uses proprietary tools to recommend how to best tailor your equipment choice at the contacts points of your bike, such as your shoes, footbeds and saddle choices.

Your fitter will visually assess your riding position on the bike while you ride on a static trainer, and make slight adjustments accordingly in order to determine the best and most efficient ride position for you.

After about 4-6 weeks to allow you to apply the information and bed in any new equipment from your fit, the fitter will schedule a follow-up discussion to review adaptation to the new position and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

A fit session typically takes a 2 to 4 hours, and is a personalised, one-on-one consultation with a professionally trained Body Geometry Fit specialist, designed to help you get the best experience from your ride no matter the level you ride at.

Pricing for a Body Geometry Fit

  • The normal fit is £150 and can be purchased online HERE
  • Otherwise please call 0141 332 2705 to book or speak to one of our fitters

Further information can be obtained by completing our Bike Fit and Performance Enquiry Form

Some reviews from customers who have had fits done:

Gordon Bathgate

After many years of prevarication, I took the plunge and splashed out with the purchase of an S-Works Roubaix from Dales. It was gorgeous. Some cyclists could pass it, but not many. I had always had a transient left knee pain which kicked in after about 40 miles, but riding the Roubaix helped to distract my mind from the pain until eventually it would subdue somewhat.

Again, after more prevarication, and a soiree at Dales with Guest Speaker Dr Andy Pruitt, the brain- force from Boulder State University in California behind Specialized’s Geometry Fit System, I eventually asked Jonathan Allan of Dales to book me in for a Geometry Fit. I had been cycling with folks 20 years my junior, and as the passage of time shows little mercy, I could not conceal my age on the hills.

In this life you can be given good advice or you can be given cheap advice, but cheap advice is never good, and good advice is never cheap. Jonathan and his fellow Geometry-fit colleagues dispense only good advice. In the privacy of the Geometry Fitting facility at Dales, I was measured, checked for flexibility of movement, visually examined on my riding position for comfort, for speed, and all-day cycling. What was done? My cleat positions were adjusted, seat height and translation positions adjusted, and handle-bar height adjusted, all to suit exactly my height, my leg length, and my arm length. None of the adjustments was major, but cumulatively, the result was major. Riding my Roubaix was even more of a delight. Cycling seemed to be even more effortless.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of my 3-hr Geometry Fit was the complete loss of that knee pain. During his visual examination, Jonathan noted that my cross-bar to knee distances were unequal and abnormal at the top of the pedals’ revolution. I explained that my foot had been reattached to my leg after an accident many years earlier. Insets to one of my shoes and packing between shoe and cleat all but equalised the cross-bar to knee dimensions. Hey presto – pain gone!

Regrettably the Geometry Fit can not address the passage of time, but the enhanced riding experience, again with due prevarication, persuaded me to part with my Roubaix after eight years. Its successor is a Colnago C60 which I collected in August 2015. Dales supplied it. Jonathan Allan, only one of twelve Geometry Fitters in the UK accredited to fit at Specialized’s highest level of training, and the sole holder of that level of accreditation in Scotland, set me “on my bike”.

Kirsten Cameron - Triathlon Coach

"Thank you to Jonathon and Simon for their professionalism with their BG bike fitting service.

Both are very knowledgeable and helpful with making adjustments to create a comfortable cycling position with more power. It was a fantastic service and I no longer have any niggling pains.

I would highly recommend the BG bike fit provided by Dales."

Kenneth Beattie

"Recently completed Body Geometry Bike Fit with Jonathan at Dales.

I thought I was all set up on my bike correctly but after spending a morning being systematically assessed; I wasn’t even close.

Everything from saddle, height of handlebars, shoes, leg position, posture, style of riding were all checked and areas of improvement identified and changed.

I was most impressed with the specialist’s experience and close eye to every detail. At the end of the session I felt much more comfortable and in tune with my bike and am now enjoying my cycling even more.

I would recommend a few hours completing a Bike Fit will have you feeling much more confident to take on any cycling challenge."

Dave Hall

"The bike fit experience was the "icing on the cake".

Having paid thousands of pounds for new roubaix in an attempt to get a more comfortable ride, it now seems ridiculous that I haven't completed the task by ensuring the bike was set up right for me.

Simon "tweaked" my position slightly from head to toe over a period of about two hours. All the little changes individually seemed inconsequential but added together have made a significant difference.

Plus I have a copy of the measurements so I can copy the set up for any other bike I manage to buy and hide from the wife.

Totally recommend, it's not extra money spent, consider it as a part of the bikes components."

Alex Duffus

I write in connection with my Body Geometry Fit conducted at your premises last January by Simon Dalgarno and wish to let you know just how this has effected my cycling performance and efficiency over the period since. I have been cycling on a variety of bikes from the age of 6.

The Geometry Fit Experience was relaxed, professional and most efficient. The conversation from Simon throughout was easy to absorb and understand leading to a comfortable appreciation of just what the Geometry Fit was aiming to achieve. The entire process took just under three hours including time needed to adjust and fit appropriate parts recommended by Dales to achieve the perfect Geometry position.

Fourteen months on I can say quite positively that the Geometry Fit resulted in an enormous improvement on my cycling enjoyment and understanding of fit, correct stance and application of effort to result in as near perfect a riding position possible. It has resulted in being one of the best two hours spent in my life providing much more enjoyment and pace in my cycling activity now, some 5000+ miles pa.

Keep up the excellent standard and the regular information flow to your customers please.