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Buyers guide

Q & A

Do I have to book a service?

Yes, we always advise to call in 0141 332 2705 or email [email protected] as there is a high demand especially during the busier months.

How much does a service cost?

We offer a wide variety of different services.

Too many to list and really it depends on what needs done to the bike when it gets up on the mechanics work stand.

The most common service though is our standard service which checks all the main areas of the bike and costs £39.95, a list of our more frequently booked service options can be found on our Servicing Page

Why was my finance declined?

We are not privileged to know the reason why any finance is declined but we will be more than happy to give you the contact details to the finance company that you can speak to them directly.

Another good place to speak to is Experian. You can find them online at Experian.

Do you offer bike hire?

Sorry, we don't offer any bike hire services at the moment.

Do you hire out bike boxes?

With the popularity of training camps abroad to get some much needed sunshine which we seriously lack, you want your pride and joy to travel in the same comfort and security as yourself. We believe Bikebox Alan to be the leading bike box brand out there.

Internal foam padding, anti-crush pole, secure Velcro straps and holes to firmly screw your wheels into the wall of the box all ensure your bike will remain protected throughout all parts of your journey. Once the bike is packed there is plenty of space to take accessories and put additional clothing in with it to. With 4 wheels on the bottom, they are easy to wheel around the airport if you have other bags to carry.

We cannot ensure your bike will be handled with care by the baggage handlers, but the least we can do is make sure your bike has the best defence against mistreatment.

We have a fleet of 6 Bikebox Alan boxes and our prices are £50 for 1 week and £80 for 2 weeks.

To book please call 0141 332 2705 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Why is the first service 2 months from the purchase date?

This gives the bike a reasonable time to "bed in".

However sometimes things can stretch and go out of sync much sooner than that. If that happens then we are more than happy to do the service before then.

Just call the workshop 0141 332 2705 (option 2) or use our workshop site to book it in.

Can I purchase a sale bike on finance?

No generally, but on the odd occasion we may be able to offer it on selected sale bikes.

Can I purchase a sale bike on Cyclescheme?


We pay a subsidy of between 10 and 15% to the Cycle to Work providers that handle the schemes, so we are unable to offer a discount on any sale or reduced bikes

What assembly is required with my new bike?

Your bike come to us in a box of bits.

Generally, it takes a qualified mechanic anything from 45 mins upwards to build.

It varies from brand to brand as to how much assembly is required and if it has disc brakes, the more complex a bike is to build the longer it will take.

We take care of all of this so you don't have to!

Can you fit accessories to my new bike?

Of course; as long as they are compatible with the bike.

Do you have to wear a helmet?

It is not mandatory but we would always recommend to do so. Over the years we have seen some horrific examples of what can happen if you don't.

How long does it take to obtain a Cyclescheme voucher?

This really depends on your employer and how your individual scheme is set up and with what provider.

There are new things in the pipeline with the main provider in the UK Cyclescheme working on ideas to speed the process up.

Can my husband/wife/partner collect my Cyclesheme purchase on my behalf?

Yes, however we require proof of who you are so various items of ID and your voucher need to be provided at the time of collection for example a driving license or passport.

What ID do I require for finance?

Proof of who you are; a driving license or a passport, a utility bill and your bank card either debit or credit.

Can I buy a gift voucher online?

Yes of course.

We will send out a paper voucher either to the person buying or to the person you wish to receive the gift.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Currently no

Are you part of the V.A.T reclaim scheme?


On completion of your purchase we will fill in a VAT 407 form and give it to you so that you can have it stamped by Customs when you are taking it out of the country.

You can then post that back to us and we will refund the VAT amount back onto your credit card.

Can I pay for my bike over the phone?

Only if the bike is being delivered to the card holders address.

You cannot pay over the phone and then have someone else pick it up.

More information is available on our Terms and Conditions Page and our Ordering FAQ Page

How often should I service my bike?

This is really something that needs to be looked at on an individual basis as people use their bikes in different ways.

It really depends on who often you ride and what type of riding you do and if it has suspension etc.

Feel free to email [email protected] with all the above information and they will recommend how often for you.

What sort of servicing comes with my bike?

We offer a first free service within 6-8 weeks of the bike being new.

After that based on the type of bike and riding you do we will recommend how often you should arrange to come back in.

Do you do Cycleshceme?


You pick a bike and/or accessories costing a maximum of £1000 (there are some exceptions where you can go over this if your work holds a consumer credit licence).

Its deducted from your gross salary over a year (you pay less tax and NI), although we accept several scheme vouchers we find this a handy calculator:

Visit the Cyclescheme Calculator

At the end of the 12-month ‘hire’ period, you buy the bike from your employer for its HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) approved Fair Market Value (FMV).

Read all the Government stuff here

What Vouchers do you accept?

At Dales Cycles we have partnered with the biggest Tax-Free Schemes around including:

    • Cyclescheme
    • Halfords Cycle2Work
    • Cycleplus
    • Salary Exchange
    • Bike 2 Work

If you can't see your voucher listed, please contact us for a chat and we will help if we can.

Cycle to Work


For more information on each individual scheme, click on the links below.

Cycle Scheme

Halfords Cycle 2 Work


Salary Exchange

Bike 2 Work Scheme

Step by Step

Step 1. Once your employer is partnered with any of the schemes, you can visit our stores or call us to choose your bike and any extra safety equipment you might need, up to the value of £1000.

Step 2. We will provide you with a written quotation to help you apply for a certificate. Usually this will be done online, or through your HR department.

Step 3. If approved, a certificate/voucher will be posted or e-mailed to you.

Step 4. Let us know when you've received your voucher so that we can safety check your bicycle and ensure everything is ready for collection/delivery.

Step 5. Redeem your certificate in store or over the telephone in exchange for your chosen bike and accessories.


Dales Cycles reserve the right to exclude chosen products from purchase with Cycle to Work vouchers.

These usually include products sold in conjunction with existing offers/vouchers, or sale/reduced items.

Cycle to Work Schemes

Can I buy part and accessories on Cyclescheme?

Of course but there are certain restrictions.

You can read the Government advice on Cyclescheme at the Department of Transport

What size of bike do I need?

We can offer guidelines but really until you physically try the bike for size and reach, it is impossible to say.

Everybody is built differently so what suits one person of the same height may vary due to inside leg measurement, arm length etc.

There are two basic steps to find out what Frame Size you need:

  1. Measure yourself accurately and carefully.
  2. Compare those measurements to the tables below and figure out which size of frame will fit you best.

Step 1 - Measure yourself accurately:

Our sizing guide considers your Height and Inside Leg measurements to give you two points of reference in order to help you choose the right bike size.


All measurements are best taken in your bare feet and with the help of someone else.


First, measure your height:
To measure your height, stand upright against a wall with your legs together and shoulders back.

Place a pencil on the top of your head and mark the wall, measure from the floor to the mark and take a note of your height in feet and inches.


Next, measure your inside leg:
To measure your inside leg, stand barefoot and measure from the floor, up the inside of your leg.

Step 2 - Compare your measurements:

Bike Size Guide

Can I test ride your bikes?

Yes we are happy to let you try outside on a nice day with a member of staff.

We also have access to a fleet of test bikes from our key suppliers which can be booked in advance.

Please email [email protected] for further details.

How do I find out what inner tube size I need?

The size of the tube will be stamped on the outside wall of your tyre.

Do you know where I can find my frame number?

On most brand of bikes the frame number is located under the bottom bracket area of the bike.

If you buy your bike from Dales then we hold a note of your serial number in our system.

Do you record my frame number on your system?


Does my bike come with pedals?

Not all bikes come with pedals.

In-store our staff will let you know if the bike you're interested in comes with pedals, if it doesn't they will advise and offer suggestions based on the bike, type of riding you do and pedals you like

If you order online we will supply a basic pedal with every bike, we will also contact you to advise that your bike doesn't come with pedals and offer some suggestions based on the type of bike.


If there's something you think we've missed feel free to pop us an email at [email protected] and who knows, your enquiry could make the list.