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What ID do I require for finance?

Proof of who you are; a driving license or a passport, a utility bill and your bank card either debit or credit.

Does my bike come with pedals?

Not all bikes come with pedals. In-store our staff will let you know if the bike you're interested in comes with pedals, if it doesn't they will advise and offer suggestions based on the bike, type of riding you do and pedals you like If you order ...

Do you record my frame number on your system?
Do you know where I can find my frame number?

On most brand of bikes the frame number is located under the bottom bracket area of the bike. If you buy your bike from Dales then we hold a note of your serial number in our system.

How do I find out what inner tube size I need?

The size of the tube will be stamped on the outside wall of your tyre.

Can I test ride your bikes?

Yes we are happy to let you try outside on a nice day with a member of staff. We also have access to a fleet of test bikes from our key suppliers which can be booked in advance. Please email

Can I buy part and accessories on Cyclescheme?

Of course but there are certain restrictions. You can read the Government advice on Cyclescheme at the

Do you do Cycleshceme?

Regulations You pick a bike and/or accessories costing a maximum of £1000 (there are some exceptions where you can go over this if your work holds a consumer credit licence). Its deducted from your gross salary over a year (you pay less tax and...

What sort of servicing comes with my bike?

We offer a first free service within 6-8 weeks of the bike being new. After that based on the type of bike and riding you do we will recommend how often you should arrange to come back in.

How often should I service my bike?

This is really something that needs to be looked at on an individual basis as people use their bikes in different ways. It really depends on who often you ride and what type of riding you do and if it has suspension etc. Feel free to email

Can I pay for my bike over the phone?

Only if the bike is being delivered to the card holders address. You cannot pay over the phone and then have someone else pick it up. More information is available on our Terms and Conditions Page...

Are you part of the V.A.T reclaim scheme?

Yes. On completion of your purchase we will fill in a VAT 407 form and give it to you so that you can have it stamped by Customs when you are taking it out of the country. You can then post that back to us and we will refund the VAT amount back onto...

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Currently no

Can I buy a gift voucher online?

Yes of course. We will send out a paper voucher either to the person buying or to the person you wish to receive the gift.

Do I have to book a service?

Yes, all services must be booked in advaned using our workshop website -

Can my husband/wife/partner collect my Cyclesheme purchase on my behalf?

Yes, however we require proof of who you are so various items of ID and your voucher need to be provided at the time of collection for example a driving license or passport.

How long does it take to obtain a Cyclescheme voucher?

This really depends on your employer and how your individual scheme is set up and with what provider. There are new things in the pipeline with the main provider in the UK Cyclescheme working on ideas to speed the process up.

Do you have to wear a helmet?

It is not mandatory but we would always recommend to do so. Over the years we have seen some horrific examples of what can happen if you don't.

Can you fit accessories to my new bike?

Of course; as long as they are compatible with the bike.

What assembly is required with my new bike?

Your bike come to us in a box of bits. Generally, it takes a qualified mechanic anything from 45 mins upwards to build. It varies from brand to brand as to how much assembly is required and if it has disc brakes, the more complex a bike is to build...

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