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Electric Bike FAQs

E-Bike Motor Technology

The model of motor you choose will determine the amount of power & torque available. A higher torque will make for quicker accelerations, and a higher overall power will let you go quicker up steeper climbs.

How fast can an e-bike go?

All ebikes are limited to 15.5 m/h (25 k/h) by law. Beyond this speed, the motor will switch off and you can ride the bike as normal as though there was no motor. The higher spec'd motors will have less resistance when switched off, making the ride...

E-Bike Battery Life

Batteries come in many different capacities and form factors. These range from 300 – 700Wh, with a larger capacity offering a longer range. Most batteries are interchangeable within a given product range. For example, if your bike comes equipped with...

What Range Can I Expect on a Full Charge?

It depends! As a general rule, you'll be able to comfortably ride anywhere between 35 & 70 miles, on a full charge, depending on the route, conditions, battery capacity, model of motor & power modes you use. Most e-bike component manufacturers...

How Do I Interact With my E-Bike?

Most electric bikes will come with a display & some control buttons on the handle bars. This can show a variety of information, including your speed, remaining battery capacity, estimated remaining range, current power mode, trip distance, total ...

How Much Does An E-Bike Weigh?

Again, it'll depend. E-bikes generally range anywhere from 12-30KG, though it's worth keeping in mind that most of the time you're not going to notice this extra weight - There's a motor helping you along after all!

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