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E-Bike Battery Life

Batteries come in many different capacities and form factors.

These range from 300 – 700Wh, with a larger capacity offering a longer range.

Most batteries are interchangeable within a given product range. For example, if your bike comes equipped with a 500Wh Bosch Power Pack battery, you could purchase a second "Power Pack" battery & carry as a spare. This would allow you to double your range, opening opportunities for multi-day e-bike touring!

Whilst most bikes will allow for the quick removal & re-fitting of batteries, some models, particularly lightweight e-road & e-mtb bikes will house the batteries inside the frame. These are still removable, though it requires the removal of the motor too, which is best done in our workshop. This being said, it's very rare that you'll ever need to remove the battery.

All ebikes we sell come with a minimum two-year warranty on all electronic components. Generally speaking, manufacturers will rate their batteries to last 10 years before there is any noticeable degradation in the cells.

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