Whether you are on the road or the track, on the trail or the decent, it’s important to see where we are going, to notice that upcoming hazard before it is too late. For most, optics will be used to keep bright light from restricting what we can see before us, causing us to strain and squint through the glare. Optics are not only used for those sunny days, the right lens can increase contrast on those overcast, flat to low light days, allowing us to see more clearly. Some lenses are designed for different environments, helping you to spot a root or rock on the trail or avoid those potholes on the road. There will be optics which have superior optical clarity, keeping our vision clear and sharp and insuring what we see is accurate and objects are not shifted. There is nothing worse than getting something in your eye when out for a ride, glasses and goggles can protect your eyes from inconveniences like fly’s and dust and dangers, like high velocity impacts. They look cool too.