We're just back from a very interesting visit to the new Cube Bikes facility in Germany and the launch of their new 2017 product range.

Dales Cycles visit Cube for their 2017 Product Launch

Cube are still a relatively new brand within the UK market place, but have been a major force within the industry with our near continental neighbours since founded in 1993.

They have very quickly established themselves as the 4th biggest brand, behind some longer established competition and continue to give others a run for their money.

As with the majority of the quality bike brands, Cube have their German designed frames built in the far east, where the quality manufacturers are based, however, Cube bring the frames back to Germany to be assembled at there own facility, this allows them to continue with a very strict and precise process and quality control.

Even before the frames leave the far east, batch samples are checked for build and paint quality, as they are un-boxed in Germany, they are checked again before making it onto the "just in time" production line, where piece by piece the individual component parts are fitted. The bike is degreased prior to being prepared for packing. Even at this stage care and attention is clear as the bikes are individually boxed, however the box comes up to meet the bike rather than the bike being dropped in to the box. Finally the carton, complete with bike is weighed, labeled and dispatched for shipping or for storage in the warehouse, stacked floor to rafters with product.

It was suggested that they keep around 100.000 frames in Germany, everything from 12" balance bikes to 12.000 Euro super bikes!

The continuing growth of E Bikes (power assisted) is clear across Europe and closer to home, we predict seeing further interest and growth here at Dales.

We are in the process of selecting our stock range from the huge range displayed in Germany, these will appear on line now and in store soon.

Jonathan, Dales Cycles Glasgow


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