So it's that time of year again we go from shorts to knee warmers to leg warmers to over trousers. Keeping out the cold and wet is one thing riding in bad conditions specifically ice is quite another. The first thing you should do before riding out in sub-zero temperatures is check your brakes. Make sure the levers are moving freely and that the brake isn't locking up. It's often the case that moisture gets tramped somewhere on the brake/cable/piston and freezes over night. The next pre ride check you make should be your tyres, it's important not to have as much air in your tyres as normal you don't of course want to be running on flat tyres but equally if your tyres are pumped hard you're going to lose traction in wet and slippery conditions. I normally lose 5 to 10 PSI off the top of my normal pressure this makes the tyre spread further and gives more grip in bad conditions. If you are using a road bike or slick tyres you're going to have to change either your bike or your tyres for something

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