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  1. Adventures in cycling: Bivvy biking

    March 2014: So....

    This didn't really go to plan as far as the destination. The background to this story has everything from a "club" outing, a mystery location and a magazine shoot attached to it, but all that will have to be saved for another time. The uncertainty of the weather, the destination, kit woes & life in general picked off the 5 or so of my buddies who made up the gang that were going to take Argyll en masse for a genuine adventure in cycling.

    So when I tell you that after 10pm on the Friday night (we were leaving on Saturday) I get a text message to say that all but one of the troop had fallen away, you'll understand that alternative plans had to be made.

    Our original plan made for a fairly challenging route around the Arrochar Alps in the Kinglas area behind Ben Vorlich & Ben Ime taking in some of the Artgarden peninsula. All done with your house on your back! The weather however was forecast to be unbearable, proven later by serious

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  2. DCRT Dunkeld Enduro report from James Stenhouse

    Our staff member James rode the Highland & Perthshire Enduro at Dunkeld this past weekend. Here's what he had to say about it...

    If racing enduro wasn't hard enough, why not try blind enduro racing? Sounds like a lot of 'fun', well that's what was on the agenda for me yesterday. Highland Perthshire cycling organised a race in which each racer was set off early Saturday morning. The race was underway. YIP! No practise the day before or anything; that's blind racing.

    It was a 6am rise after a meeting that extending to a regrettable time on Friday night. With 5hr 39mins sleep and only 4hrs 41mins of that being restful sleep, calculated by the Polar Loop activity tracker on my wrist (pictured below) which I am currently testing. It was time to start moving and start fuelling my body. The old man was wanting to join me, purely so he had an excuse to get out and into The Highlands he grew up in.

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