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  1. Allan's Tough Mudder Challenge Experience

    Well, I thought I'd stick my experience of this event up on the Dales Cycles blog as anecdotally, I think it may ring true to some of my fellow cyclists as I couldn't help but notice all the cycling apparel on display at Dalkeith Country Park on Saturday, also the many cars and vans with cycling stickers and livery plastered all over them in the car park.
    So if you want to know how it went and gain some pearls of wisdom if you're planning to do your first Tough Mudder or if you're just curious about getting some more information, then read on folks...

    Our own Scottish Tough Mudder was almost 12 miles of cross-country running with 20 body battering and strength sapping obstacles at non-specific intervals along the way. I was invited to join my team mate (Melissa) around February, with our friend John joining around the same time, so even without hardcore experience or knowledge of the event I had time to train & prepare to some extent.

    So what training

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  2. The Kinlochleven loop with a short review of the latest Garmin Edge 810 GPS cycle computer

    For this blog, I'll be going over both the route we took and the device we planned it on, as such an epic day out deserves its own review for the benefit of anyone who reads it and wants to set off on the same challenging ride!

    We (Chris Millar) and I, had to pick somewhere we hadn't been before; a ride which would not necessarily find us in the absolute wild, but just on a route where we could genuinely rely on the device to take us from A to B in the context of testing all the functions. So we devised a route in an area we'd seen other riders rave about on social media channels, mapped it out a few days beforehand on the Garmin Edge 810 and we were off!

    We ended up choosing a great mid-sized loop round the mighty Mamores, the ominously named crowd of Munros that is home to the jewel in the crown, Ben Nevis. As it turns out, the route was relatively easy to

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