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  1. Running, Riding, Running, Riding and Riding again (1)

    So, November has been a super busy month with races every weekend, and even a sneaky wee jaunt down to Englandshire to race there. Here's section one of the race reports from the month of November with the duathlon and SCX. BUCS and the next SCX will follow shortly... ; )

    1. Dirty Duo

    The first weekend in November (Sunday the 4th) it was just a wee scoot along to East Kilbride and Calderglen Country Park for the Dirty Duo duathlon. I really didn't ever plan on doing a duathlon, my legs are far far too short for running however, due to some Facebook peer pressure from Lyndsey, I ended up on a start line in my running trainers! With a relatively small entry field (almost half of the starters were women - I think!) it was a fast start as the men took off at a fair rapid pace. So I thought, what the hell, might as well give it a shot and see how fast I can go! Which, was actually surprisingly faster than I thought.

    This was proper off road running, up and down along the

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  2. Stolen bikes in Glasgow

    Around a week ago, a very shady looking chap came into the store with a bright green Genesis Core hardtail Mountain Bike for a new rear mech & hanger. Our staff were very suspicious of this chap, so they made sure they got detailed, genuine contact details & took the bike in.

    Firstly we Googled "stolen Genesis Core Glasgow" And the bike came up on Bike-radar's forum & the Bike-shepherd website, so we made contact with the owner and the police. What followed was a wee sting where we contacted the chap to pick up his "repaired" bike whilst the police were waiting. When he visited the shop, he was promptly arrested & charged with possession of stolen goods. Best of all, he openly admitted his guilt. The rightful owner had already been paid out & bought a new bike, so the police will most likely auction the old one off & the repair deposit made by the aforementioned scallywag? Well that's going to our adopted charity, Erskine.

    For the last 3-4 years, wherever

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  3. Tacx turbo trainer demo night

    Well, what it says on the poster below really! email [email protected] for more details.

    Tacx turbo trainer demo night

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