Dales Cycles Movember 2013 with Yeti Cycles

Join Dales Cycles & Yeti Cycles for Movember 2013

What is Movember?

Every November, a band of perfectly ordinary men take on the brave task of Movember: growing a moustache for charity in a bid to raise awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues such as depression. Like breast cancer awareness, it's now a global movement.

It started in Melbourne, Australia 10 years ago, when a group of friends decided to revive an old fashioned trend - the moustache. 30 guys took part just to see what would happen, and when they realised how much fun it was, they started raising money the next year, By raising awareness for prostate cancer. In 2004, the event grew to 450 participants and together they raised a whopping $43,000 (around 25K)

But that figure pales into comparison when taking into account what it had grown into by 2012. By this time, Movember had become a fully-fledged annual event, taking part in 21 countries and over 92 million (that's 154 million Australian dollars).

So now it's 2013 and time to get on board with Movember!

This year, we're really going for it, but we're not alone! This Movember, we have the awesome support of Yeti Cycles who have offered a pile of cool gear for the best photograph of you and your Mo whilst wearing your free, exclusive Dales Cycles/Yeti/Movember T-Shirt! Keep reading to see what you have to do to be in with a chance of winning some cool Yeti stuff!

did you say free t-shirt?

So here's the deal: We want you to register with Movember then join the Dales Cycles team, and make a donation of whatever you can afford. Then wait...

Get you free t-shirt by joining us through Movember!

...on Monday 4th of Movember, we'll contact you through team mail for your t-shirt size. You'll have 48 hours to reply with your size and address then shortly after, it will magically appear in the post.

So whats involved in the competition...

Wear your t-shirt with pride and at any time during the remainder of Movember 2013, post (and tag) a picture of yourself via our social media channels wearing said garment with your Mo' in full flow in whatever situation you feel will be of most interest to the judges at Dales Cycles & Yeti. The more channels you use the better, the more imaginative the photo: well thats EVEN better. Here's the list of channels & who to tag in your pictures...

Dales Cycles/Yeti Movember page Mo Space: You should be in the team by now, so post your photos here!

Dales Cycles facebook Facebook: Everyone's favorite distraction. Post on the Dales Cycles timeline & tag Yeti Cycles UK

Dales Cycles Twitter Twitter: Post on your own timeline; mention @DalesCycles & @Yeticycles_uk use: #dalescyclesmogro

Dales Cycles Instagram Instagram: Such a thrill to add a filter! Tag dales_cycles in your moody upload. Also use: #dalescyclesmogro

On Monday 2nd December, we'll pick our favorite & you could win a pile of Goodies from Dales Cycles & Yeti Cycles.

Win cool stuff with Dales Cycles & Yeti Cycles this Movember

Its really not rocket science, but here are the rules anyway...

The rules anyway...

  • Members, staff and affiliates of clubs and organisations connected to Dales Cycles may join the team & donate, but will not be considered in the competition.
  • You must join the Dales Cycles Movember team HERE and make a small donation of your own choosing to the team to be eligable for your t-shirt and be automatically entered for the competition (*conditions apply). You must supply your postal address & size within the timescale outlined in the message requesting them. Your donation is NOT payment for your t-shirt. All money collected will go straight to Movember through their official donation procedure.
  • *Entrants must show the T-shirt design in their posted pictures. You must post on at least one of the social media channels listed above and tag at least one of the designated people or pages designated in the entry instructions.
  • Any profane, pornographic or offensive images will be excluded & reported in line with any guidelines set down by the channels they appear on. Users will be banned from these channels, excluded from the competition and prevented from entering future events.
  • Only one entry will win & the judges decision is final. The criteria is simply inventiveness by the entrant. Show the t-shirt, show your Mo, make sure its a quality image and you'll be right in with a chance!

If you are in any doubt about any aspect of the competition, please contact us for clarification. Once you have made a donation to Movember, we cannot retreive it.